Monday, March 25, 2013

PTI March Blog Hop: Sequin

Hi, fellow crafty friends,
I have a quick card to share with you.
This card is for Papertrey Ink's March 2013 Blog Hop challenge.
They asked us to create a card with sequins.

I am so excited to be able to join the March 2013 Blog Hop. This is my first card I submitted to PTI's blog hop and this time I did only use PTI inkpads on this card but I wish I could play along with their stamps and die templates next time. 
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Enjoy your craft time with sequins.    


  1. This is gorgeous! I love it!

  2. Great card! Love how you used your sequins.

  3. Great card! Love the clean design.

  4. Hi Lee

    I'm catching up on some of the last folks who posted to PTI's Blog Hop. I really like your sensibilities. Not only is this card wonderful, I checked out the rest of your blog too. (Not too tough since you are a bit new to this blog.)

    If I'm remembering correctly that you are sort of new to the craft scene, you have a long and sensational life ahead sharing your work. You really have an artist's eye, and your style is so chic and simple; stunning really.

    Keep on posting what you love to make, and use the challenges to build up your audience. I still don't have anyone who flocks to my blog, but I've made some lovely friends in the year and a half of occasional posts. I thought it was a bit tough when I started, but then I finally made something that caught a few people's eye (in time to get in the challenge,)and it was incredibly rewarding.

    I hope to visit you many times in the future. Enjoy your crafting, and see you in the blogosphere.

    1. Thanks Marcie for taking your time to give me a long words of encouragement. This is more than encouragement. It is a blessing and I hear it as a prophetic voice of how will be my blog in the future.

      Yes, I am a newbie to the craft scene and to the blogland but my journey of card making began with my study in America 10 years ago. I was and am an international student from South Korea, studying theology and psychology, working as a psychotherapist by day and serving Korean American immigrant church during weekend.
      Having many titles but living with foreign status led me to find some place to give me a settled mind and a creative living energy at the same time. As you expect, card making was the place where I found a peace and vitality for my life and soul.

      This is the short version of how I was introduced to the world of card making.
      I have come this far and now I have my own English blog so that I can interact and communicate(with you :D)with other talented crafters out there. I know there are adventures and travails ahead on this journey but I am sure some people like you empowering me to keep on this creative journey.

      I will keep on posting my cards whenever my schedule allows me to save night time for craft.
      Hope we have some chit-chat time to talk anything.

      Again, Marcie, words are not enough to express my appreciation to you for your blessings.

  5. Ditto to Marcie! Your card's simple perfection!

  6. Ditto again! I toured through some of your posts! Awesomeness! Love the elegance and simplicity of your paint platter!